Get ready to start the adventure, first step is sending an inquiry .

Before the session

Once I receive your message, We will discuss location, outfits, what emotion you want to portray, what you want most from the images, etc. No need to stress over figuring it out on your own! Then, I will email you an online contract to be signed, I will also send you an invoice for the deposit for your session!

***Deposits must be paid within 48 hours of invoice sent to insure date security

During the session

Expect the best hype person you have ever had! During the session I am going to be coaching you every step of the way making sure that you are as comfortable and confident as possible. During this time you will be prepped and perfected for the most amazing pictures of your life!

After the session

The work has just began, after the session I will be working diligently to get your pictures back to you, I know I am so impatient so I know how you feel! But perfection does take time, I will be in contact with you the whole time but at most you can expect 2 weeks for all photos and weddings you can expect 6 weeks. Don't worry though you will get a sneak peeks 48-72 hours!