Hi, Im Ashton your new favorite person

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Hey there, lovely souls! I'm Ashton, your trusty guide to capturing all the heart-fluttering moments and sultry sensations of your special day. With a camera in one hand and probably an iced espresso in the other, I'm here to make your wedding and boudoir dreams a reality!

With a knack for turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories and a passion for celebrating love in all its forms, I'm here to sprinkle some magic into your world. So, let's laugh, let's love, and let's create some stunning imagery that'll make your heart skip a beat. Can't wait to embark on this enchanting journey with you

A little about me


wild toddlers

I have two little daughters Addison and Blake. They are my ride or dies and most of my clients get to know them very quickly because I never shut up about those little squishes!


states photographed

Traveling is a big passion of mine and I love everything about it! If I get to photograph all my travels it is a big win for me!


times binged HIMYM

I've probably watched 'How I Met Your Mother' more times than Ted has said 'I love you' to Robin. Yep, I'm talking legendary levels of binge-watching here folks.


Visits to disney world

If there was a 'Professional Disney-Goer' title, I'd probably have it framed on my wall by now! . From mastering the art of rope drop to strategically planning snack breaks (Mickey-shaped pretzels, anyone?), you could say I'm a bit of a Disney aficionado.

To be honest, I'm not like all the rest and thats rad!

The wedding industry can seem a little, " One Size fits all" but the truth is not one single wedding is the same and that is amazing! I'm the kind of photographer who's more likely to rock up to a shoot with coffee stains on my shirt and a camera bag that's seen better days. But hey, who needs perfection when you've got personality, am I right? I thrive on capturing those candid, unfiltered moments – you know, the ones where you're belly-laughing so hard you might just snort. Whether it's a wedding, a boudoir session, or just a spontaneous adventure, I'm all about embracing the chaos and finding beauty in the mess. So if you're ready to ditch the stiff poses and embrace your inner goofball, let's make some magic happen together!