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You are a goddess and should be worshiped like one. Here is the start to that journey, I am here to empower you and give you the best confidence boost of your life. This session leave you feeling strong and pampered with professional makeup and hair to get you ready a whole team of people that will be there to make your gorgeous self feel the best you can.

Session fee


60 minute photography session

Session planning and prep

$50 print credit

Hair and Makeup

Professional editing of all images

Collection 1


10x10’’ Album with 30 images 10-image Folio Box

(3) 16x24’’ Metal Prints

Full Digital File Collection

Collection 2


8x8’’ Album with 20 images

8x12’’ Metal Print

Full Digital File Collection

Collection 3


8x12’’ Metal Print

Full Digital File Collection

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Just a few common questions

What exactly is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography is a tasteful and intimate style of photography that celebrates your beauty, confidence, and sensuality. It typically involves capturing images of individuals in lingerie, robes, or other revealing clothing, often in a private setting like a bedroom or studio.

What should I wear for my boudoir session?

I recommend bringing a variety of outfits that make you feel sexy and confident. This could include lingerie sets, robes, bodysuits, or even a favorite oversized sweater. We encourage you to choose outfits that reflect your personal style and make you feel comfortable and beautiful. I also keep a full client closet with sizes ranging from XXS-4XL

Im not sure what poses to do. Will the photographer help me with that?

I got you boo! I am skilled in posing and will provide guidance throughout the session to ensure you look your best. We'll work together to create poses that flatter your body and highlight your unique features.

Can I bring a friend or partner to the session?

While we understand the desire for moral support, we typically recommend keeping the session private to ensure a comfortable and intimate atmosphere. However, if having someone you trust present will make you feel more at ease, we're open to discussing it further.

How long does a boudoir session typically last?

Boudoir sessions typically last between 1 to 2 hours, depending on the package you choose and your preferences. We want to ensure you have enough time to relax and enjoy the experience without feeling rushed.

Are my photos kept private and secure?

We respect your privacy and take confidentiality seriously. Your photos will only be shared with your explicit permission, and we take measures to ensure they are stored securely.

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