You're a Goddess!

Who remembers back in school when we looked at renaissance art and we would see these absolute goddesses getting fed grapes and being pampered? They were average body weight and looked nothing like what today's standards of beauty are.

So, if these women were worshiped for their bodies why are we not? My philosophy in my studio is every body is a boudoir body and I'll be damned if anyone ever tells me otherwise. 

Hell look at me, I weighed 309 pounds when I did my first boudoir session. You read that right I was over 300 pounds but you cant tell me I didn't look amazing and the absolute love I had for my body when I got done was like nothing I have ever experienced before in my life. I truly felt like nothing could ruin that moment for me, not the c section scar, not the jiggly belly, nothing.

We all have our strengths and flaws and someone who you might look at and say wow those are goals might be looking at themselves in the mirror and saying they hate everything about themselves. Well, that is where I step in. with boudoir it gives us a safe place to celebrate our bodies in all its glory. It gives us an outlet to look at ourselves inside and out and say wow I AM A GODDESS!